• Using Swivel Car Seats The idea of swivel car seats is to help you get in and out of your vehicle with ease and comfort. Some allow you to come right out of the car whilst others lift or lower to help you up or to your feet or wheelchair. Others even allow you to… [Continue Reading]

    The Purpose of Swivel Car Seats
  • Mobility Aids Mobility aids are devices that help in movement for the disabled, the elderly or the injured who cannot properly get around. They can be used as additional support and balance in walking or as complete motion, aids like power chairs that move around automatically with the person seated. Mobility aid devices have gained… [Continue Reading]

    Mobility Aids
  • Let’s admit it, in life we can suffer from physical problems that we never even anticipated. They may be caused by illnesses or events as many mobility aids derby driver user have experienced. Even though physical disabilities can be quite frustrating, a majority of people choose to take the necessary steps to regain mobility like… [Continue Reading]

    Mobility Aids Derby Drivers Can Easily Use
  • The great news about cars is that they can be tailored to suit many different needs. In fact, vehicles make many effective accommodations for people with disabilities regain much of their freedom. Be prepared to take the journey to getting an adapted car in stages. It is a project, not a one-day task though your… [Continue Reading]

    The Basics: How To Choose The Best Adapted Cars That Fit Your Need